by Dale Bockrath

Price List  Animal Chainsaw carvings

Carving TypePrice (USD)Size
Standard Bear$275
Standard Bear$1752 ft
Welcome Bear$100< 2 ft
Sleeping Bear$1752 ft
Sleeping Bear$3003 ft
Bear Head in Log$125
Bear Mailbox$175
Carved Bear Bench$675
Bear Head$150
Large Mouth Bass, Salmon$150
Deer Head$225


Price List Bird Chainsaw carvings

Carving typePriceSize
Standard Eagle$2753ft
Stardard Eagle$1752ft
Flared Eagle$150
Eagle Head and Feather$150
Eagle and Flag$150
Red Hawk$175
Blue Heron$150
Barn Owl$150
Owl in Tree$150
Red Cardinal$100
Wall Eagle$150
Lady Bug$40

Price List Log Cabin Furniture

Log FurniturePriceSize
Slab Back Rocking Chair$399
Split Back Rocking Chair$399
Slab Deacon Bench$3994ft
Slat Deacon Bench$2994ft
Half Log Bench$2004ft
Half Log Bench$2256ft
Split Back Bench$2994ft
Split Back Bench$3496ft
Slab Coffee Table$4253ft
Bunk Beds$1,3504ft
King Size Bed$1,350
Queen Size Bed$1,199
Full Size Bed$849
Twin Bed$599

Price List Log Cabin Furniture

Log FurniturePriceSize
6-Drawer Dresser $1,149
6-Drawer Dresser with Mirror$1,259
Magazine Rack$115
Night Stand/End Table$439
Table Lamp (without shade)$109
Table Lamp (without shade)$175
Stool Bar Stool$199
Chair Style Bar Stool$350
Swivel Chair Bar Stool$419
DeskAsk for Quote
Tree Coat Rack$199
6 Spindle Coat Rack$99
Foot Stools$115
Coffee Table$419

Price List for Mascot's and Signs

Chainsaw Carving or SignsPriceSize
Engraved Signs$29/ft
Cutout Letter$29per letter
OSU Buckeye$99
Ohio State Sign$99
Ohio University  Bob Cat$275
Ohio State Brutus$275
Nittany Lion

When placing an order will we provide you with a lead time on when carving or furniture will be complete.  The chainsaw carvings and furniture are made by hand one at a time.

All of our carvings and furniture is made from wood taken from private land and hand-selected.  The wood is allowed to dry naturally, over time the wood will continue to dry and may split or crack slightly adding additional texture and character to the carving or furniture.  No refunds will be given once sale is completed.

If you've got an idea or a picture of something you'd like carved, please give us a call at (740) 856-7848 or send us an email : and we'll do our best to bring it to life.